Complete & Mail to:
Hall of Fame, 500 Charleston St, Suite 3, Lincoln, NE 68508

Select appropriate category of nomination:
Inductee:  AthleteCoachOfficialContributor

This is where you make your point in support of the nomination. List
objective, statistical records, such as won-lost records, titles, points scored,
career facts and highlights. Please include details, such as year (9,10,11,12)
when named as an All State Player or State Champion. In the case of
non-athletes/coaches, list contributions as a writer, speaker, innovator or
other achievements that cause this person to be a candidate. List the year and
achievements, from high school through post high school is appropriate or
complete your own list on a separate sheet. You are to focus on the nominee’s
contributions that has the most significant impact on high school sports.

Much of this form is aimed at information about an inductee candidate. If you are nominating for the Fischer Family Award, Gustafson Inspiration Award, Great Moments or the team categories, please complete the cover of this form, Page 3 and compile your own separate sheets(s) in support of your nomination

The following definitions and criteria shall apply to the five inductee
nominating categories. There are no quotas for any category.

Any high school athlete who participated in Nebraska high school athletics
and whose primary achievement in the field of athletics occurred during such
high school participation. Any such person may not be considered until 15 years
after high school graduation.

Any athlete who participated in Nebraska high school athletics and whose
primary contribution to athletics occurred after his/her high school career.
Any such person may not be considered until 15 years after high school graduation.

Must be or have been an employee of a Nebraska School District who has
coached a sanctioned activity/sport for at least 20 years. A coach would be
eligible for the Hall of Fame induction if he/she has retired from coaching or
has reached the age of 60.

An official who has been registered with the Nebraska School Activities Association for a minimum of 20 years.

Those whose contributions to high school athletics in some capacity other than the above mentioned categories. The category would include sportswriters, broadcasters, tournament
officials, community leaders, athletic administrators or any individual who made a
significant contribution to high school sports in Nebraska.

Once a person has been nominated, the nomination remains in the Hall of Fame’s active

Any nomination form not postmarked by October 1 will not be reviewed for
nomination for the following year’s induction.

BaseballBasketballCross CountryFootballGolfGymnasticsRodeoSoccerSoftballSwimmingTrack & FieldTennisVolleyballWrestling

  • 1. Complete all requested information in the printed or typewritten form.
  • 2. Include letters of recommendation, limited to one typewritten page.
  • 3. Submit a current black and white or color photo of nominee.
  • 4. If applicable, submit black and white or color photos of nominee during
    the period of time he/she was involved in the category.
  • 5. A limited number of newspaper clippings, magazine articles or other
    supporting materials may be attached.
  • 6. The form, letters and photos will be retained by the Nebraska High School
    Sports Hall of Fame Foundation.

  • 1. The nominee must have been involved in an athletic activity in a Nebraska
    high school category for which he or she is nominated.
  • 2. The nominee must have demonstrated outstanding abilities and
    contributions in the category for which nominated.
  • 3. The nominee must have demonstrated high moral character, outstanding
    citizenship and ideals.