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1999 Dominant Dynasties Award

Bellevue West

Bellevue West dominated Class A volleyball like no one else since 1989, winning eight state championships (including a state record six in a row) under the direction of Coach Joanne Kappas. The school currently has a string of 12 straight years where it qualified for the state tournament (that’s a record, too), has collected numerous team and individual state records and had several players honored as all-conference and all-state. Prior to this decade of dominance, no Class A school was able to win more than two consecutive state championships in this highly competitive sport. Current records standing from this Bellevue bunch include team kills and team assists in one season, 1496 career kills by Jamie Hamm, 544 season kills by Hamm, per match kill average (13.6) by Hamm, 2,891 career assists by Stephanic Clerc, 1,050 one season assists by Morgan Monzingo and per match career average by Monzingo.

Bellevue West Volleyball Players & Coaches, 1989-1997

Jamie Boardman, 93-96
Elisa Booth, 91-92
Jennifer Clerc, 89-90
Stephanie Clerc, 89-92
Tara Dorn, 97
Debbi Ellerbroek, 90-91
Kelly Fitzgerald, 89-90
Leslie Garvey, 97
Beth Gilbert, 92-93
Erin Godfrey, 90-91
Kristin Grohs, 91-92
Jamie Hamm, 94-97
Amanda Hedin, 96-97
Amanda Henk, 90-93
Nikki Henk, 92-95
Sara Heppell, 89
Wendi Hughes, 89-90
Stephanie Joekel, 97
Jaisa Kappas, 91-93
Kathy Kent, 89-91
Katie Kozlic, 97
Traci LaMontagne, 93-94
Kari Landsvork, 91-93
Sherri Langolf, 92
Sondra Lima, 94-96
Marie Lukens, 89
Amy Martin, 93-94
Susan McGraw, 89-91
McKenzie Monzingo, 95-96
Morgan Monzingo, 97
Rachel Morgan, 92
Melissa Munch, 95-97
Megan Porter, 92-95
Natalie Porter, 89-90
Cheri Pribyl, 91-94
Brandy Schade, 96-97
Ashlee Scofield, 95-97
Airon Scofield, 95-97
Jennifer Smith, 89-91
Kim Storey, 92-94
Kristine Storey, 93-96
Michelle Story, 89-90
Jeanne VanWaart, 89-90
Jennifer Walters, 89
Kelly Wheeler, 95-97
Julie Williams, 95-97
Assistant Coaches
Julie Daugherty-Braun, 90-97
Alyssa LeGrande, 96
Bill Stanley, 96-97
Bob Stanley, 97
Ralph Tosti , 91-97
Head Coach
Joanne Kappas, 89-97