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Clarence and Helen Swanson Family: Clockwise from bottom left: Tom Ruud,Jamie Ruud, Bo Ruud , Barret Ruud, Kim Ruud, Helen and Clarence Swanson, Jim Swanson, Joan Swanson, Will Stalder, Jenny Stalder, Wallis Stalder, Bill Stalder, Bob Martin, Anne Martin, Jay Martin, Lee Martin, Sheri Martin, Steve Torrence, Brett Torrence, Kay Torrence, Hallie Torrence, Bottom L to R: Lisa Debuse, Helen Debuse, Moe Druliner, Max Druliner, Jeri Druliner, Abby Burton, Rachel Burton Back; Jim Debuse, Chip Debuse, Any Druliner, Jim Druliner, Bill Burton.


Fischer Family Award

Clarence and Helen Swanson Family

What started with the Hall of Fame career of Clarence Swanson of Wakefield led to descendants actively involved in high school athletes, including numerous all-state honors, gold medals, state championships, Husker football careers and NFL careers.

Clarence started it all with a football career that earned College Football, Nebraska Football and Nebraska High School Hall of Fame recognition. His son Jim played on the Lincoln High state championship basketball team of 1942-43 and the Northwest Missouri State Hall of Fame football team of 1944. Clarence’s granddaughter, Sheri, married Nebraska and NFL football player Bob Martin, and their children – Lee, Jay and Anne – won more than half a dozen gold medals at the state track meet and continued their careers on the Husker track and football teams. Clarence’s granddaughter Jaime married Husker/NFL star Tom Ruud, and their sons, Barrett and Bo, have made their way through Husker football to the NFL. A third granddaughter, Kay, and husband Steve Torrence are the parents of Brett, a college basketball player in Minnesota.