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Arnold and MaryAnn Thiele Family

On the basketball court, volleyball court, golf course, or anywhere else prep athletes compete for championships, you can find the children and grandchildren of MaryAnn and the late Arnold Thiele.  Their eight children, Bill, Bonnie, Tom, Ron, Ken, Carolyn, Kevin and Tim participated in a wide variety of activities in high school.  Bill graduated from Elgin Pope John and the others from Clearwater, where the brothers played key roles in the Clearwater basketball dynasty that produced four straight state championships.  Carolyn also enjoyed a state basketball title with the Cardinals.  Ken went on to play basketball at Northeast Technical Community College while Carolyn, Kevin and Tim played basketball at Kearney State College.  The next generation, some of whom are yet to arrive on the scene, have carried on the family tradition, playing at Clearwater, Elgin Pope John, Wahoo Neumann, Aurora, Kearney Catholic and Gibbon High Schools.  The family has contributed to 11 high school state team championships and won five individual gold medals.  Alicia, Rons daughter, played basketball at Nebraska Wesleyan and Taylor, Kens daughter, was a state hurdles champion and currently plays volleyball at Bradley.  But many of the Thiele grandchildren found their niche on the golf course, winning high school, junior amateur and mens amateur titles.  Morgan, Tims daughter,  Jordan, Josh and Rylee Reinertson, Carolyns sons, were state golf champions.  Mandi Hoefer, Bonnies daughter, competed at Nebraska Wesleyan, Haley, Kevins daughter, has followed Jordan and Josh Reinertson to Nebraska, and Rylee Reinertson blazed a trail to the Oklahoma Sooners.