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Bill James - Bellevue

Bob Siegel - Fairbury

Cal Bentz - Lincoln

Cindy Tatum Kostek - North Platte

Eugene "Red" Littler - Mitchell

Frank Smagacz - Omaha Central

Gil Dodds - Falls City

Howard Debus - Lincoln High

Jackie Washington - Omaha Central

Jeff Kinney - McCook

Jerry Lee - Grand Island

Jerry Mathers - Lincoln

Johnny Hopp - Hastings

Kent Reckewey - Lincoln East

O.L. Webb - Lincoln

Phil Cahoy - Omaha South

Randy Rasmussen - Elba

Roger Sayers - Omaha Central

Sue Lind Nelson - Albion

Athlete.  The ability to play under pressure while a student at Omaha South High School was an attribute helping this tall basketball player reach all-state status his junior and senior years. In 1960 at the state tournament in the old coliseum in Lincoln when the chips were down and a fine team from Alliance had the crowd rooting for the underdog, Bill Vincent came through for the favored Packers with one of his patented hook shots to ice the game in the last seconds leading to the Class A State Basketball Championship for South. This particular team from Omaha South High, with Vincent leading the way, was the only unbeaten Class A basketball team for a period of 28 years.

Died in an accident when a junior in college (Nebraska).


World-Herald Photo.