1996 – Basketball: Columbus Discovers, 1971-72

Do you know how many teams not from Omaha or Lincoln have won the state’s big school basketball championship in the last 40 high school seasons (written in 1996)? Three: Fremont in 1961, Columbus in 1972 and Norfolk in 1987. And Silver Anniversary team winner, the ’72 Columbus bunch, won its title at the Nebraska […]

1997 – Basketball: Fairbury, 1973

Roster: Greg Rosener Bob Kujath Mark Hansen Mark Bangert Greg Gibson Dell Schmidt John Krause Russ Vanous Bob Parks Bob Siegel Roger Stewart Kim Kujath Greg Hansmire, Student Manager Ken Milius, Student Manager Coaches Charlie Moore, Head Coach Don Mahlman, Assistant Coach The team ended the ’73 season with a record of 25-2 and a […]

1998 – Football/Track & Field: Lexington High School, 1973-74

The High School Hall of Fame came very close to choosing the entire Lexington High School’s athletic program for 1973-74 as the winner of the Silver Anniversary award, an honor planned for an outstanding team in the school year 25 years ago. The school had one of the greatest years for any school of its […]

1999 – Basketball: Omaha Central, 1974 and 1975

Omaha Central, one of the state’s first high schools and a grand institution all these years, won its first basketball state championship in 1912, the second year of the state tournament. The Eagles, who’ve played good basketball year in and year out, qualified for state a lot. But 62 years went past before another state […]

1999 – Football: Scribner, 1974

What was it that was to be liked about the 1974 Scribner High School football team? Was it the record, 10 wins and no losses? Was it the defense; five shutouts to open the season? Was it how easy they won; about a 30-margin or more in all but one game? Might it have been […]

2001 – Basketball: First State Champs in Modern Era of the Sport

Lincoln East Spartans, 1977 Class A Girls Basketball State Championship Team: York, 1976-77 Class B Girls Basketball State Championship Team: Hastings St. Cecilia, 1976-77 Class C Girls Basketball State Championship Team: Hastings Tribune, Oct/2001 By Chris Cottam Twenty-five years ago this year, a group of girls from St. Cecilia made history. They were the school’s […]

2002 – Basketball: Howells, 1973-74-77-78

Howells incredible run in Class C basketball, 1973-74-77-78. Howells Basketball Team Members: Brian Baumert Steve Baumert Terry Baumert Paul Belina Rich Belina Paul Bienhnoff, Coach Al Blum Dale Blum Dave Blum Don Blum Randy Cech Rick Cech Chris Clausen Cary Jakubowski Dick Jakubowski Larry Jakubowski Kevin Janata Rod Kalisek Jeff Kersten Mark Kersten Dan Koliha, […]