Dominant Dynasties Nomination Form

    The Hall of Fame Foundation will honor a school for an outstanding period of success and the award will be called: Dominant Dynasties. Nominations are encouraged and should be mailed to the Hall of Fame, 500 Charleston St, Suite 3, Lincoln, 68508. Deadline for nominations is Oct. 1 for the next awards year.

    The corresponding banquet year-honored team eligibility years are:

    2013 Banquet--Teams from 1963-64 School Year
    2014 Banquet--Teams from 1964-65 School Year
    2015 Banquet--Teams from 1965-66 School Year
    2016 Banquet--Teams from 1966-67 School Year

    Dynasty Accomplishments (Be as thorough as you please, including submission of copies of clippings, listing of players and rosters and statistics: