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InducteeAthlete Arapahoe High School won the Nebraska State Boys Track & Field Championship three years in a row: 1949, 1950 and 1951,Class C, due for the most part to the contributions at the State Track Meets from one of the all-time best all-around athletes in the state. His consistency was remarkable throughout his years in high school up through his graduation year of 1951, prompting The Omaha World-Herald to begin its annual athlete of the year award with Hoppy McCue in 1951. State meet success: 11 first places and five gold medals and three team championships for Arapahoe. He won at least one state meet race for four consecutive years. Twice he was named all-state in football and three times in basketball. Memorable  to those in attendance at the state track meets within Memorial Stadium in Lincoln were these words from the stadium announcer: “And the winner is McCue of Arapahoe”. In a teacher-coach-administrator career, Alma Superintendent McCue served high school sports as a member of the Nebraska School Activities Association Board of Control.