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Contributor. For more than 50 years George Sullivan’s name was synonymous with excellence in training, physical therapy and Nebraska athletics. In fact, he was so well thought of that the training room in Memorial Stadium is named for him. Although he officially retired in 1996 after being the head trainer for 20 years, he continued as a medical consultant to the Nebraska Athletic Department and other organizations. His induction into The Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame is merely the latest in a long line of selections into various Nebraska and national halls of fame. Many high school coaches would consider the Rockville, Nebraska, native a great asset for them because of his availability in time of injury need. In many smaller communities where there were no doctors or at least none with a sports medicine background, George was their salvation. Usually all it took was one call to the University training room and he would set up a time to evaluate the injured athlete. After his evaluation he would recommend a method of therapy, proper wrapping, taping or total rest if necessary. If the injury was of a more serious nature he would recommend physicians for further evaluation.