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Athlete–Just a farm boy from the village of Blue Springs in Gage County, high school statistics were rarely kept in his time but his prowess quickly was known statewide at Nebraska Wesleyan College, where he developed into a ferocious football player. He transferred to the University of Nebraska and his skills became legendary skills as an athlete became nationally noticed. One of the earlier Cornhuskers to be named an All-American, he played on the undefeated 8-0 team of 1915. A veteran of World War I, Guy Chamberlin then proceeded to play football for a variety of early professional football teams. He is now properly respected as a member of both the college and the professional football halls of fame.

Chamberlin was all-state in football in 1908, 1909 and 1910. He is in both the College Hall of Fame and the Pro Hall of Fame.

Chamberlin played professional football from 1919-1926 for such teams as the Canton, Ohio Bulldogs, Chicago Bears, and Philadelphia Yellow Jackets. During his football career, he played in about 160 games. In an 11-year period to time, his team lost only two games, and was undefeated in nine of these years. He was named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1962.  He played or coached for six pro championship teams in a seven-year period.  George Halas called him the greatest two-way end of all time.