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Coach. One of a handful of great high school football coaches for Lincoln High School over the years, his success began as a student Red and Black-clad Link himself, lettering in both basketball and football days. During the early 1930s he was both a basketball and football coach for Jackson High School in Lincoln, then competing at the Class A level, with his hardwood athletes reaching championship levels there. Starting in 1936, he became a head coach in a number of sports at Lincoln High School and for over a decade he was a winner in each.

In basketball, the Links earned a hard-fought Class A State Championship Tournament in 1938. His 1942 and 1944 track teams were also state champions. In the late 1940s, his golf teams were unsurpassed. Most remembered are his great football teams, winning six state championships under his guiding hand. Ralph Beechner and Lincoln High had a seven-year stretch where the football team won 65 games, lost seven and tied four.

The athletic stadium at Lincoln High School today appropriately bears his name.