A Little Slower Maybe,
But Still Fast on His Feet

Bill Mountford was among more than 600 persons at the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame annual awards program on Sunday, October 8, 2000.   Bill was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and came to the stage to express a response.

When he reached the microphone, he said his family had been kidding him that it would take him longer to walk from his seat to the speakers’ platform than it did to run the mile back in 1949.

>His high school mile running in those days is what earned him a place in the Hall of Fame spotlight.  He won a race dubbed the Magic Mile at the 1949 state track & field meet in an all-class state record time of 4:26.2, a record not beaten for two decades. Some 50 years later, all joking aside, he still is pretty spry.