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Contributor.  Considered the “Father” of Nebraska high school sports writing because of a long, noted career with the Omaha World-Herald. His weekly ratings of high school basketball and football teams began in the 1930s and created enormous interest in high school athletics. He wrote sports from 1917 to 1967, mostly for the World-Herald, and was never equaled in readership nor surpassed in the respect his work received from sports fans.  A native of Stella and a Nebraska Wesleyan graduate, McBride made good use of letters to the editor, where most of the critics took him to task over his top 10 ratings.  He also was the subject of much good-natured interaction with his readers, the most famous the presentation to him by some Seward fans of a typewriter with all the keys chopped off except SEWARD, with a note that said, from now on, all his top 10 ratings would have to start with their favorite school.

He started the Omaha World-Herald Athletic Roll of Honor Star of the Week award whereby a card would be issued to the named player. Those cards were treasured by those fortunate enough to have been selected as “Star of the Week” by none other than Gregg McBride.