Great Moments, by Year: by Sport

Great Moments, 2000

  • Girls Basketball: “Nothing But Net”:
    Karen Moore’s 1982 field goal, from 73 feet, at Pershing Auditorium. This shot ended Lincoln Northeast’s championship game against Kearney. It was the longest basket made in the history of the girls state tournament. However, it was only good for two points because it was made before the inception of the three-point rule. Northeast lost by one point.
  • Football: “Unbeaten, Untied, and Unscored Upon”:
    Class B Ravenna’s 1968 team completed the season not only undefeated but allowed no opponent to cross their goal line or score a point. Gibbon came the closest, coming within six yards but the threat ended with Gary Reiter’s pass interception. The Blue Jays netted a total season output of 275 points to their opponents nil. Add to this a third consecutive conference championship and things were to be right with the world in Blue Jay land. Dick Roberts was the head coach.2000


    Dana Christensen
    Terry Ripp
    Kerwin Stover
    Don Ondrak
    Henry Heider
    Mike Gillming
    Doug Roth
    Steve Haught
    Larry Heathers
    Barry Solomon
    Mike Rager
    Ron Schroll
    Kenny Bock
    Dave Johnson
    Dean Psota
    Kerwin Stover
    Steve Shrader
    Henry Heider
    Don Hervert
    Don Blaschko
    Gregg Hanna
    Don Lammers
    Cordell Bullis
    Greg Ondrak
    Don Kusek
    Dan Rogers
    Dave Johnson
    Kim Stover
    Gary Reiter
    Gary Zeller
    Alan Schmaljohn
    Ben Rager
    Rick Fox
    Terry Miller
    Mike McKeon
    Ron Young
    Doug Roth
    Larry Heathers
    Mike Rager
    Kenny Bock
    Dean Psota
    Steve Shrader
    Don Hervert
  • Football/Basketball: “Historic Double”:
    In 1975, the first year of the NSAA-determined football championships, Nelson High School won the Class D 11-man football title and followed it with the basketball championship in March, thus becoming the first official winner of state championships in the two sports in the same year. Gary DeBoer was the football coach, Tom Murray the basketball coach.

    Team Members:

    Dan Buresh
    Randy Garvin
    Terry Jensen
    Craig Jones
    Dan Judy
    Marlin Meyer
    Mark Collins
    Tom Garvin
    Vic Jacobitz
    Leon Michels
    Mike Wilford
    Dave Wroughton
    Paul Grueber
    Dennis Holsteen
    Calvin Meyer
    Larry Miller
    Randy Porter
    Greg Bohling
    Ivan Culbertson
    Jeff Harris
    Brent Jensen
    Todd Jensen
    John Mazour
    Allen McClure
    Steve Melvin
    Jon Meyers
    Tom Schleif
    Marty Sunday
    Randi Thomberry
    Roger Biltoft
    Steve Gerbers
    Curt Jensen
    Rick Mazour
    Byron Myer
    Lorrell Peterson
    Doug Porter
    Nick Biltoft
    John Ensign
    Scott Farver
    Dan Mazour
    Brian Soulek
  • Wrestling: “Shades of Dan Gable”:
    The 2000 state wrestling tournament wrapped up a phenomenal high school career for Brad Metzler of Omaha Westside High School. He became the first Nebraska high school wrestler to complete four consecutive seasons undefeated. This also placed him in that elite group of four-time state champions.