2005: Leon and Mayme Dostal Family Scribner

Scribner…250 High School Letters, 34 All-State Awards, 50 College Letters…
The family of Leon and Mayme Dostal of Scribner and the families of their children, Bob, Larry, Ken, Norm, Rich, Dave, Don, Irma Dostal, Mary Ann Johnson, Janet Bailey and Rosie Hanna are honored as the 2005 Hall of Fame Family.
Sports have been, and continue to be, the recreation and vocation of the Dostal family for many years.

Ken, who was a two-time all-state selection in football and basketball, was offered a contract by the Denver Broncos. Norm has coached youth football. Rich and Dave had standout football careers at Kearney State College. Larry played college basketball at Norfolk Junior College and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Bob, the oldest, still enjoys playing basketball, while the others remain active in other sports.

The second generation has been just as successful. Scott and Shawn, Ken’s sons, played football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, while their brother, Dan, played at Iowa State. Shawn and Dan went on the play in Berlin in the World Football League. Shawn also played for the U.S. Olympic handball team.

Vincent, Norm’s son, played football for Solano Junior College and the University of California-Davis.

Jennifer, Rich’s daughter, played for the two-time state championship Kearney Catholic girls basketball team.

Jay, Dave’s son, played football for four years at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Darcey Johnson, Mary Ann’s daughter, earned Academic All-American honors at the College of St. Mary and played on three national tournament teams.

Pam, Bob’s daughter, was the first female from Midland (Mich.) High School to receive a college basketball scholarship, while her sister, Marcie, was a scholar athlete on the Purdue University swim team.

Terry Hanna, Rosie’s son, is the director of the Omaha Cox Classic golf tournament and has worked on many other charity sporting events.

As a group, the Dostal family has nearly 250 high school letters, 34 all-state honors and 50 collegiate letters.

By Craig Meyer/Beatrice Daily Sun sports writer 10/05:

Generations of dedication to athletic excellence earned the Leon and Mayme Dostal family of Scribner a prestigious accolade, as the family was awarded the 2005 Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame’s Fischer Family award at the organization’s 12th annual induction ceremony recently.

Beatrice’s Rich Dostal, one of 11 brothers and sisters in the family, was on hand to receive the award. ”We’re just humbled and honored to be recognized among some of the best athletes in the state of Nebraska,“ Dostal said.

Dostal said the value placed upon athletics while he was growing up was considerable from the start.

”My inspiration in sports came from my older brother Ken,“ Dostal said. ”Our father owned a tavern and he was busy earning money to put the food on the table, so I always looked up to Ken.“

Dostal said his earliest memories involve participating in sporting events at the family’s acreage outside of Scribner.

”We converted the barn’s hayloft into a basketball court, with free throw lines and lights, and we were usually up there playing until 11 or 11:30 at night,“ Dostal said. ”Dad was kind of upset that we burned lights at that time, but we did it anyway.“

While his father wasn’t always happy with the late night games at home, he was an avid supporter of the children when they participated in their school’s athletic events.

”My dad really enjoyed sports and was always at those games of ours,“ Dostal said. ”My mother didn’t always get the opportunity to attend games because she was busy raising 11 kids and helping out at our family’s tavern, but once we grew up and had children of our own, she made it a point to go support them.

”She probably attended more of her grandchildren’s games than she did of her children’s.“

Of course, there were a lot more games that involved her grandchildren than involved her children as the Dostal family has now amassed 250 high school letters, 34 all-state team members and 50 collegiate letters.

The family’s sports background was shaped by its hard work ethic, which the kids learned from their parents, Dostal said. ”We grew vegetables at home and worked in the bar, cooking, serving meals and cleaning,“ Dostal said. ”Hard work was important in family life as well as in our sports competition.“

Dostal excelled in football, basketball and track at Scribner, which were the only sports offered at the time.

Scribner was primarily a ”basketball school,“ Dostal said, but he and his brother Dave played on the first Scribner football team to win a trophy, the 1961 Husker Conference championship.

”Sports were very important,“ Dostal said. ”The reason I went to college was to play football. If not for football, I wouldn’t have had an education, I wouldn’t have had a job as a teacher and a coach. Sports took me beyond my high school and college years and into a career of education and coaching.“

He first attended Norfolk Junior College, where he earned all-conference honorable mention honors, and later played at Kearney State College, where he was able to compete with his brother Dave.

Sports continued to be a major influence in Dostal’s life as an adult, as he volunteered to coach his children’s teams and volunteered to help run track meets.

Dostal said the role of parenting changed greatly during the time between when he was a child and when he was raising his children, Jennifer and Jake.

”Parental involvement in sports did not occur when I was growing up,“ Dostal said. ”My parents opened the bar in the morning and closed it at night, so we learned from our brothers and from our coaches.“

By the time he started raising children, Dostal said parents’ participation in their children’s athletics program was much more commonplace. ”I coached Little League teams, Y (YMCA) leagues and volunteered as a coach,“ Dostal said. ”I became involved in it.“

Dostal said the most important lessons he was taught and passed on to his children transcended action on the court.

”I always told my kids that if they didn’t succeed at first, to keep on trying, to never give up,“ Dostal said. ”If you’re going to start something, finish it, at least until the end of the season.“

Commitment to your team and to improving yourself as a teammate and player were also focuses. ”You have to work hard at what you do,“ Dostal said. ”There’s no room for taking it easy and quitting if you don’t like it.“

Dostal continues to be active in volunteering, as he’s worked every state track meet that has taken place at Omaha Burke. ”I was teaching at Omaha Burke when it started there in 1971 and have helped with the discus (competition) ever since,“ Dostal said. ”This year will be my 35th year working the state track meet, and I will have worked 14 Willis Jones meets (in Beatrice), after this year’s.“

Dostal also officiated high school football off and on for 20 years before retiring from that duty last season.

Today, Dostal still has a spark for sports like hunting and fishing, but only gets in some court time during his family’s reunion each year. ”Each year we have a basketball tournament at our family reunion,“ Dostal said with a grin. ”It’s mostly the kids that play now, but some of us old-timers still get in there and go at it, three-on-three.“

2006: Wolbach’s Algie and Lollie Wibbels Children Edsel, Leonard, Ray, Florence Teter and Mel, and their families

Children Edsel, Leonard, Ray, Florence Teter and Mel, and their familiesThe boys starred at Wolbach, with Edsel’s discus achievements bringing his induction into the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame. They were all four-year standouts in football and track. After high school, Leonard signed a pro baseball contract and played in the St. Louis Cardinals’ farm system. Ray played semipro baseball. Mel added all-conference basketball to his high school exploits. Their families spread beyond Wolbach and continued to excel in sports. All told, Algie and Lollie had 22 grandchilden in high school and college athletics, 26 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. They branched beyond the track-football concentration, also being involved in basketball, golf, gymnastics, softball, volleyball, soccer and baseball, not to forget Meredith McDaniel’s letter on the crew team at Georgetown University in 1993.

2007: Henry and Ethel Rother Family Wolbach

WolbachHenry and Ethel Rother Family of Wolbach Married in 1941, Henry and Ethel have seen their family grow to 18 children, 55 grandchildren and 41 greatgrandchildren.

Each family has excelled in multiple high school activities including football, basketball, wrestling, track, softball, baseball, golf, soccer, rodeo and cheerleading.

The family trophy case includes numerous All-Conference and All-State honors. Sons John, Rollie, Ted, Stan and Charles (Perky) won state wrestling championships. Doug earned All-Big 8 defensive end honors. Grandsons and granddaughters have enjoyed success in youth sports, prep sports, college sports and indoor football.

Several state championship teams have had Rother family members on their rosters. Family members have set numerous state, conference and school records, and several members of the family have enjoyed successful coaching experiences in numerous sports.

2008: The Borer Family Albion

Front: Ann & Victor Borer Back: Paul, Ted, Tom, Mark, Pete, Tori, Beth and JayVictor and Ann Borer’s eight children figured prominently in Albion High School’s athletic success dating from the 1960s through the 1980s. All six sons carried the family name onto the wrestling mat, and into the Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame, winning nine medals at the state meet. Ted, Tom, Mark and Pete won state championships. Ted, in 1966, and Jay, in 1984, wrestled for Albion’s state championship teams. All six sons also played football with Tom, Pete and Jay winning all-conference honors. Daughters Tori and Beth participated in volleyball and track, helping to set school records in relays and helping Albion win the state track championship in 1980.

2009: Sam and Ed Schwartzkopf Families Lincoln


Sam and Edward Schwartzkopf families of Lincoln:

Front: Cody Fultz, Ed SchwartzkoJf, Sam Schwartzkopf, Dorthy Schwartzkopf, Kaile Schroff, Sarah Heacock Row 2:Mrs Sam Schwartzkopf, Mrs. Ed Schwartzkopf, Steve Schwartzkopf, Stepahnie Schwartzkopf, Hannah Schroff Row 3: Michelle Schwartz­koph, Linda Schwartzkopf Fultz, Becky Schwartzkopf, Louis Schwartzkopf, Suzie Schwartzkoph Heacock, Kate Heacock Amy Heacock Anderson, Christi Nelson Heacock, Back Row: William (Bill) Schwartzkopf, Michael Fultz, Jordan Schwartz­kopf, Tom Heacock, James Anderson, Graceyn Anderson, Christie Schwartzkopf Schroff, Cliff Schroff, Scott Schwartzkopf

Sam, a former mayor of Lincoln, and Edward, a former University of Nebraska regent, were football standouts at Lincoln High and the University of Nebraska, playing as teammates on the Husker team of 1939, and constant supporters of high school activities. Sam’s wife, Dorothy, and daughter, Christie, were founders of the Nebraska Women’s Amateur Golf Association and have won a combined 11 state amateur championships. Ed’s son ­in-law, Mike Fultz, was inducted into the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame in 2005. Grandchildren have added to the legacy, among other things, playing soccer at Nebraska and water polo at the University of Richmond

2010: Roger and Donna Higgins Family Omaha


Roger, a decorated athlete at Schuyler and coach at Omaha Cathedral, had four sons-Michael, Kelly, Tim and John-and four daughters-Mary Beth, Kathleen, Cecilia and Teresa-who have been involved in athletics at all levels as players, coaches, officials, administrators and supporters. All four sons participated in college athletics with Tim earning NAIA All-American honors whole playing basketball at Kearney State College. John currently officiates basketball at the NCAA level and Kelly is the athletic director at Fort Lewis College in Colorado. Cecilia competed in collegiate track before going into coaching. The next generation is continuing the family legacy with granddaughter Erin playing volleyball at Missouri-St. Louis and Lauren playing golf at Truman State. Grandson Mike Finley played football at Dana.

2011: Clarence & Helen Swanson Family


Clarence and Helen Swanson Family: Clockwise from bottom left: Tom Ruud,Jamie Ruud, Bo Ruud , Barret Ruud, Kim Ruud, Helen and Clarence Swanson, Jim Swanson, Joan Swanson, Will Stalder, Jenny Stalder, Wallis Stalder, Bill Stalder, Bob Martin, Anne Martin, Jay Martin, Lee Martin, Sheri Martin, Steve Torrence, Brett Torrence, Kay Torrence, Hallie Torrence, Bottom L to R: Lisa Debuse, Helen Debuse, Moe Druliner, Max Druliner, Jeri Druliner, Abby Burton, Rachel Burton Back; Jim Debuse, Chip Debuse, Any Druliner, Jim Druliner, Bill Burton.


Fischer Family Award

Clarence and Helen Swanson Family

What started with the Hall of Fame career of Clarence Swanson of Wakefield led to descendants actively involved in high school athletes, including numerous all-state honors, gold medals, state championships, Husker football careers and NFL careers.

Clarence started it all with a football career that earned College Football, Nebraska Football and Nebraska High School Hall of Fame recognition. His son Jim played on the Lincoln High state championship basketball team of 1942-43 and the Northwest Missouri State Hall of Fame football team of 1944. Clarence’s granddaughter, Sheri, married Nebraska and NFL football player Bob Martin, and their children – Lee, Jay and Anne – won more than half a dozen gold medals at the state track meet and continued their careers on the Husker track and football teams. Clarence’s granddaughter Jaime married Husker/NFL star Tom Ruud, and their sons, Barrett and Bo, have made their way through Husker football to the NFL. A third granddaughter, Kay, and husband Steve Torrence are the parents of Brett, a college basketball player in Minnesota.

2012: John & Connie Makovicka Family


The John and Connie Makovicka family moved easily from the playing fields of Nebraska’s smallest high schools to the national spotlight. The family legacy started with John’s all-around athletic ability resulting in 12 letters in football, baseball and track at Kearney State College. He set the school record for touchdowns in 1970 when he was the national scoring champion.

His children — Jennifer, Jeffrey, Joel, Justin and Jordan — followed in their father’s footsteps, starring at Brainard East Butler and in college. For the East Butler football team, the four boys rushed for a combined 15,676 yards and hold four of the top five places in the school’s list of top rushers. Jennifer set the school’s basketball scoring record.

All four boys went on to play football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Jeffrey started at fullback for the 1995 national championship team, while Joel started in 1997 and 1998, having played for on all three national championship teams. Jeffrey and Joel went on to play in the NFL, while Jordan changed sports to play baseball at Creighton. Jennifer played softball at Kearney State, playing on the Lopers’ NAIA national championship team of 1990.

2013: Al & Patti Bahe Family

The Bahe Family legacy of exceptional athletes, outstanding coaches, and supportive fans started with Al’s all-around athletic ability at Wayne Prep and then at Wayne State College. He turned his experiences into a coaching career that included stops at West Point and Central City before he put down roots for a coaching and administrative career at Fremont High School. There, Al coached his two oldest sons, Butch and Ritch. Both were three-sport athletes. Butch went on to play baseball at Wayne State and the University of Nebraska. Ritch went on to an athletic career playing football for the Huskers where he was the team’s leading receiver in 1973. Ritch was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals of the NFL. Youngest son, Chip, was a three-sport letterman at Fremont during Al’s tenure as athletic director. Chip also played for the Huskers, earning three letters before following in his father’s footsteps as a successful basketball coach in Nebraska. Their legacy continues to grow with the next generation. Ritch’s sons, Alex and Nick, have carried on the family name in athletics: Alex as a high school coach at Elkhorn and Elkhorn South and Nick as a basketball player at Kansas and Creighton before becoming a sports-radio talk show host. Al’s wife, Patti, and daughter, Cindy, shared their love of sports by being life-long dedicated fans, supporting their family, community and high school athletics.

2013 Family
Front L to R: Scott Bahe, Jan Bahe, Emily Bahe, Al and Patti Bahe, Raette Bahe, Nick Bahe Back L to R: Butch Bahe, Mic Boettner, Abby Boettner, Cindy Bahe Boettner, Jenny Bahe, Chip Bahe, Ritch Bahe, Alex Bahe. Not Pictured: Raylee Bahe, Madi Bahe.

2014: Bill & Dolores Kropp Family

Bill & Dolores Kropp FamilyBill & Dolores Kropp

From the NBA to professional beach volleyball to legends in the coaching ranks, the children and grandchildren of Bill and Delores Kropp have put their mark on high school athletics. Bill set the tone for the family, coaching basketball for 38 years at Norfolk, Dodge, Clarkson, Aurora, and Grand Island, winning 350 games in 24 years as a head coach. Son Tom, Nebraska’s first athlete inducted into the National High School Hall of Fame, starred in multiple sports and was drafted by the NFL, the NBA, and Major League Baseball. He played briefly in the NBA then for four years in Belgium. He returned to Nebraska, coaching the University of Nebraska at Kearney basketball team for more than 25 years. Tom’s brother, John was also a multi-sport athlete, playing in the Shrine Bowl football game, and then earning four letters playing for the Kearney State College Basketball team.  John’s daughter, Jenny, made her mark on the volleyball court, earning All-American honors and playing on the Nebraska Cornhusker’s national championship team in 2000. She played professionally in Puerto Rico then became one of the top-ranked players in Professional Beach Volleyball. Her brothers, Pete and Jay, played college football at UNK where Tom’s daughter, Dominique, was on the tennis team. Bill and Delores’ daughter, Mary, married Stan Greenfield, the all-time leading scorer for the Rockford (Ill.) College basketball team, and a successful coach at St. Paul and Aurora High Schools.

Kropp Family